Bending Reality TV Steve Schirripa (The Sopranos) on Benders 
Power of Love Las Vegas

By: Michael Stephens
Published: June 27, 2021

Michael Stephens connects with Steve Schirripa of The Soprano's fame at the Power of Love Gala in Las Vegas.

Michael Stephens: I thought tough guys don't sweat?
Steve Schirripa:: You know how it goes.
Journalist: I wanted to ask you about Benders.
Steve Schirripa:: Benders is a show on IFC. It's about a bunch of club, hockey players that are, let's say not the greatest. Its a funny show, its a half hour comedy from Dennis Leary's company.
Journalist: When will it be airing?
Steve Schirripa:: October 1st, IFC Channel.

Event: Power of Love
Location: MGM Grand Las Vegas

Series: Las Vegas - Celebrity Interviews - Interviews

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