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By: Michael Stephens
Date: November 06, 2023

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Michael Stephens has worked with and personally helped thousands of people. During the course of that counseling Michael developed the Bending Reality Program™ and Bending Reality TV™. The original intent of Bending Reality TV was to help the world. And while the full TV show still hasn't aired, hundreds of hours of media have been created. By making a donation you contribute to further the work of Michael's ministry which will include publications and more service to the community through various means. Another website is currently in the works which will be entirely dedicated to connecting people 100% to God and related spirituality. The lead ministry website is located at:

I went further, deeper into myself and my place in the universe in 10 days with Michael's counseling ON THE PHONE than I had gone in the last 10 years of studying books.

Chris Slade
Drummer of AC/DC, etc.

To Michael,
Just a few words to jot down the depth of what you have given me in a few days’ time. I have gone from being confused to clear, from not trusting myself to seeing myself in a new energy of ultimate and infinite possibility. I came from lack to a new and better position at work with more possibility for growth and money. The abundance in my life is overwhelming; everything is more alive, including me. I’m becoming stronger and more capable to cope with what’s going on in my life; the past is meaningless and has no power over me. I love waking up to start my day to see what else I can manifest in my life today. The best tune-up you could ever dream of. No fears, only excitement for what’s next in life. I too have found MY bliss and it was all easy.


"Michael has an uncanny ability to move energy. It's powerful!"

Jason Nelson
Healer, Author, Medium

Hi Michael,
I want to thank you so much, Michael, for the work you did on me the other night, and I wanted to share this with everyone else. I have COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and last year I got walking pneumonia. My lungs have felt so enlarged ever since. I told Michael about being physically ill for several days from all of the phlegm buildup and how painful it was to breathe. I was coughing nonstop for 2 hours and my chest felt like it had a huge weight on it. I was trying to work on myself but not having much success. Michael started working on me over the telephone and in 9 minutes the weight was gone, coughing stopped, breathing easy, lungs feeling clear and my lungs actually felt like they reduced. I slept so good that night. Michael did that, all in just 9 minutes. Over the course of a few days Michael worked on me a few more times, I’d say less than 1 hour total. My lungs now feel they are back to normal size, no more wheezing, no more phlegm, no more pain, and I have been sleeping so wonderfully.

The doctors call COPD incurable. Personally, I feel I have been cured of this disease and I owe it all to Michael. When you have Michael on your side, I don’t feel anything is incurable. Thank you again, Michael, so very much.


I am pleased to write this letter of reference on behalf of Michael Stephens. I have worked with Michael for almost a year and definitely believe that he is a natural and gifted healer.

I am a professional and have owned my own business for 30 years. Due to a number of autoimmune disorders, I have suffered severe pain and depression, which has had an impact on my work. In my daily phone calls with Michael, sometimes in just 5 minutes, with his calm manner he has helped me release my pain and sadness. He has created a process that is quick and easy and he is teaching me, step by step, to do this process. I have had a lifetime of living in pain, and with his kindness, keen intuition, and quick insight, he can release me from it. I always call him when I need him. Sometimes Michael has even sensed that I am upset and has called me to help me release my feelings so that I can get on with my life. I can relax and become pain- and headache-free after working with him. He has a definite knowing, an ease in working with me, and a clear mind for helping me. I have never met a true healer like Michael Stephens.

With gratitude,

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