Bending Reality TV American Overthrow - Part 2 (What If?)
By: Michael Stephens
Date: February 22, 2022

American Overthrow - Part 2 - What If?
What if a group of military and government employees who are trying to overthrow the American Republic were paying and/or threatening civilians to be their messengers?

Do the QAnon propagandists support this idea and participate?

Some QAnon supporters are promoting a video in which a man named Juan O’Savin claims the military has been working for years on a complete overthrow of the American Republic based on the Law of War Manual. And they further present a situation where Donald J Trump is installed as a martial law President while the military takes over the U.S.A through physical force.

Victim: If you have been threatened by a Government employee or the US military to participate in the overthrow of our country Judge Clarence Thomas made a ruling on this type of coercion.

American Overthrow - Part 2 (What If?)

Investigator Note: Do the eBay purchase and viewing of the Tweet correlate to local military air traffic? And if so who in the military ordered it?

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