Bending Reality TV Andrea and Veronica Bocelli Talk Charity with Michael Stephens
Posted By: Michael Stephens
Original Video Release: June 14 2015
Bending Reality Published: April 01, 2021

Andrea and Veronica Bocelli Talk Charity with Michael Stephens

Michael Stephens: You guys look fabulous tonight.

Veronica Bocelli: Thank you sir, Thank you.

Andrea Bocelli: Thank you very much.

Michael Stephens: How does it feel to be honored tonight.

Veronica Bocelli: (speaks in Italian)

Andrea Bocelli: I think its always a big honor when you can help and when you can do something for, Veronica Bocelli finishes, people in need.

Michael Stephens: What's been your experience in being involved in charity?

Veronica Bocelli: He has a long story it starts many many years ago. Before he founded the Andrea Bocelli Foundation he was doing that personally and now with the foundation everything is focused on two different branches. It takes a lot of time away but it brings you more than it takes away.

Michael Stephens: Since being involved in charity how has it personally changed your life?

Andrea Bocelli: I think, I hope that my charity. I'm not that good in English (switches to Italian). I hope that our activity changed the life of many other people, not my life. My life is, I'm happy because when I can see the results of our activity I'm happy.

Event: Power of Love
Location: MGM Grand Las Vegas
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