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Posted: December 17, 2021

The wordage of my words that I spoke have been misinterpreted, the meanings have been slandered and miscommunicated. I meant every word I said and I knew it would mean something at this time, two thousand years later.

Intent comes from your soul and it’s what guides you. And that intent may be colored at times, it may be a losery at times, but intent comes from your soul. And that intent is the truth, it is real. Intent is the only thing that is real. It’s what permeates from your soul, everything else is a manifestation of your intent. So be one with your intent. If you’re uncomfortable with your intent, pray, meditate, become one with your soul from that which that intent came from.. compare. And change. That is your key to salvation.

Salvation is the awakening of your soul. That is what it means. It is important to remember this every moment. Every uncomfortable feeling that comes up, remember this… Remember this. My soul is real, that is who I am. My intent is real, that is truly what is real. Nothing else is real. Am I comfortable with my intent? If I’m uncomfortable with my intent I need to pray and I need to meditate. And you’ll find clarity and you’ll become one with true soul essence and find clarity, it’s that simple. Life was built to be that simple, that’s all I ever taught. It’s all that ever was, and that’s all there will ever be, is the truth, the reality of life, your soul and the permeation from your soul, your intent.

You can literally change this whole planet with just your intent, a clear intent. Mastering that intent. I changed this whole planet with just my intent, one human being, do you recognize this? Two thousand years later the awakening is happening and I changed this planet.

I’m omnipresent. I am all.. all because I realized I was all. I realized I was God, I am God, I am, all I am. There is nothing that I’m not.

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