Bending Reality TV Likeness Theft - The Matrix Resurrections
By: Michael Stephens
Published: September 07, 2021

Last night I had a very intense dream full of witchcraft. I’ve never had one so surreal. While I am not going to share the whole dream the ending was notable if you believe as I do that there are several factions actively trying to overthrow the American Republic.

In the dream there was a focus on power. At the end of the dream a woman thought she had the power and when she went to reach in the big tent a ferocious animal tore her to pieces before she could get in.

More understanding of this dream came when I saw the footage release today of The Matrix Resurrections which to me looked like a case of potential likeness theft..

When I was mostly using my intuition in business atmospheres I would sometimes get challenged that what I was working on, explaining or teaching wasn’t reality. The term Bending Reality™ came out of those situations.

I not only noticed the feeling of sorcery when watching the premier of The Matrix Resurrections but it also looks as though they stole from the idea off my original production card, first distributed in 2009. Wording from the blue pill scene, "You've lost your capacity to discern reality from fiction."

From my card that was heavily distributed to the TV industry at Realsceen West 2010, “BLURRING THE LINES BETWEEN REALITY AND IMAGINATION”. My original card below (contact information removed), identifying my concept slogan as a trademark.

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