Bending Reality TV The Truth Prophecy and the Birth of VJ Gambler™
By: Michael Stephens
December 12, 2021

VJ Gambler: Keeping it Simple and the Truth Prophecy

Some years ago I started gambling out of necessity and to test myself. When you’re poor even having $10 can be a big deal. So I set off to use my intuition to win at gambling. I would literally sit at the machine and bet a penny at a time and wait until I felt the machine was going to hit a jackpot. When I got the feeling I would switch to a higher or max bet.

I was able to create enough success to move along on my 3 objective plan. One of the most enjoyable parts of going out was relaxing and having a drink. That was until I started getting harassed.

VJ Gambler
I came up with the idea of the Concert for Peace™ long ago. It evolved out of my Inner Peace Revolution™ project.

The idea was doing a multimedia concert and combining that with doing what I do best. It never happened but out my failure and when I realized I am not watching my Internet connection by myself, I secretly became VJ Gambler™.

The Truth Prophecy
I had a dream awhile back and it has become clearly prophetic to me. The summary of my dream is I become free by telling the truth.

American Hero
I’m an American hero. I understand the insidious nature of the American Murder System and how I somehow got designated as a ritual scapegoat. I used the combined factors to slow things down and give people more time.

Today’s Play
I hung out with Sean Lee a few times and still owe him $250. Not sure how I will ever have enough money to pay him back but perhaps G-d will grace me with wealth. I believe I met Chris Slade in a Zohar study. We were good mates until I moved into a period where I started speaking truth to keep myself alive.

I stayed at Slade’s home when he lived in Anaheim Hills. He told me it was honor to have me in his home.

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