Bending Reality TV Nazi Awakening - Part 1
By: Michael Stephens
Bending Reality Published: April 19, 2021

For over a decade I’ve been hunted and harassed by many US government agencies and military branches as an American on American Soil. The 2nd time I got put on a Targeted Individual list was during the Obama administration and while my guess is that I was too effective at creating peace I am also beginning to realize now that my father being from Mexico was a big part of it.

The harassment during the Trump administration became so profound that I would sound like a conspiracy theorist if I told you all that has gone on, and I will.

Some of the things you have now experienced like being stuck in your home I have gone through for YEARS! I was really beginning to feel sorry for myself and decided to channel that energy into being more educated. One of my first searches was to start seeing if there is a real comparison between President Trump and his government/military killing harassment squad and the Nazi’s and that is where my awakening began.

I felt utterly stupid that I was so poorly educated in this area of history so I kept on going with my research. I realized the racism and harassment I have gone through has been experienced by many before me.

For now I just want to share a video with you, or two so you can wake yourself up to the fact that history does seem to repeat. Below are two videos, the first of which I found today of Mussolini talking about Making America Great in 1927. Please take the time to learn about other fascist movements and genocides of the past and challenge your leaders to honor all HUMANS RIGHTS.

Series: Nazi Awakening

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