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By: Michael Stephens
March 22, 2021
Updated: June 20, 2021

Lately I’ve been listening to an alleged insider who says he is a Christian. I’m not a Christian but I am eager to listen and learn when it comes to spiritual education. He shares his knowledge of world conditions and prophetic dreams. I haven’t checked out his track record yet but he is interesting.

Something I heard him say recently was fascinating and he made a good point. He was talking about our parents and how even their unrealized dreams and interests can come through us.

Today I was looking at the situation on the Mexican border and I felt so sad. With all that I have gone through I rarely have I had that feeling. When I saw the George Floyd video I felt that same depth of sadness. It is still somewhat incompressible that human beings treat each other this way.

For years and most recently during the Trump administration I have watched the utter hate directed at people wanting to immigrate to America. I’ve spent years reading their hate and I almost still shocked until I realize I’ve been through it.

My father was from Mexico. While he didn’t sneak in through a hole in the fence or use a border river to get across I did hear my share of racism being directed at me such as wetback, beaner, etc when I was growing up. There were a few other minorities but perhaps because my father was so obviously Mexican I got the brunt of racism those people had to offer at the time.

The reason the Mexican border situation is so interesting right now is because of what the alleged insider describes as prophetic dream. He describes a dream he has now had 24 times.

In the dream he talks about indications of horrific earthquakes and earth changes coming. The indicators are kids doing some type of marching dance, crises at the Mexican border and volcanic activity in South America.

You do have to be watchful of why the establishment media is playing up the border situation so intensely. I do know some differences between the Trump administration and the Obama/Harris/Bidden administration. I see indications that many of the same players are running things but there are different styles. While in the end I believe President Trump wanted chaos to declare martial law and stay in power he previously generally didn’t want disaster, if for at a minimum reason he didn’t want to look bad.

What I see now on at least on an intuitively level is a rush to disaster, not a return to more peaceful time as so many of us had hoped for. I spent years warning people about the unlawful and terrorist ways of President Trump just for it to finally become obvious.

I was wondering if I should write about this subject. While I am also part Irish, native in two countries, German, Spanish and a Jew it was being Mexican that Americans made me feel so ashamed to be. Today I read twitter comments spurred by James O’Keefe video and felt that shame again while also feeling for the people stranded at the border. I said to myself I’ll listen to Alex Jones today and if he opens his show with hate for these people on the border or how dangerous they are I’ll write this. Well he wasn’t on but his stand in Owen Shroyer was and you got it! Owen Shroyer ripped into those border crossers as if they are going to be the collapse of America.

Americans and people of the world have bigger problems. You can ask people, such as James O’Keefe, Alex Jones and Matt Drudge about “The Email”. The day after Alex Jones got “The Email” and my feeling how the situation would apply in his life he came on air with a shaved head. If you listened to him that day you heard a more serious and unfiltered Alex.

So if the dream alleged insider said God gave him 24 times is happening we have major geological changes coming. If people wanting to immigrate can’t be handled in a humane and lawful way for many administrations what you have is incompetence and bad leadership.

As a partly Mexican American I can tell you that I have been hunted for more than a decade on American soil and that is has not been by people at the border seeking a better life it has been by American law enforcement, government, military and their civilian proxies. We have thousands of Americans that are being hunted daily by other Americans. They get paid well to listen, watch and stalk us like predators. They hunt humans.

After all these years of being put on whatever hunting list I was put on by President Obama I am beginning to wonder if it was because I am Mexican and my father was from Mexico? It started with Obama, continued with Trump and hasn’t ended till this day.

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