Bending Reality TV The Murder of Erik Scott by Las Vegas Metro Police
By: Brian Shields, Bill Scott
Posted: October 31, 2021

The Murder of Erik Scott by the LVMPD (Las Vegas Metro Police Department)

"I was there, and I never saw this guy do anything with his gun. The police started shooting immediately after 'drop it' was yelled."

"It was a rude awakening to find that from seconds after Erik was shot and killed Las Metro went into cover up mode." - Bill Scott

"His hands had no gun it" - Robert Garcia

"Erik was still bleeding when the cover-up started" - Bill Scott

"First off and the cops called in the ambulance and they very quickly whisked off Erik's body. Witnesses noticed as they literally threw his body in the ambulance that Erik's gun, the only gun he carried was still in its holster." - Bill Scott

"There is no video of this event"

"For some reason there is no video from Costco"

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