Bending Reality TV Human Trafficking in Las Vegas (Part 1)
By: Michael Stephens
Posted: September 27, 2021

The first time I became personally aware of Las Vegas law enforcement involvement in human trafficking was in 2013. Being a fan of drink specials I was regularly going to Larry Flynt's Hustler Club for the open bar.

It became a thing that for whatever reason a lot military people and spook types would just happen to want to have a drink next to me and talk. Because I wasn’t interested in these kinds of fake synchronicities I came up with ways to move them on.

Ashley the bartender had been an MP in the military so I would typically bring that up and her being very attractive tended to get them out of my space.

I know it may sound ridiculous that I would say I can sense what agency someone might be with but there is a vibe to such things.

One day I am sitting at the main bar and as usual a stranger walks up and starts chatting. I knew he wasn’t CIA but jokingly asked him if he was. He chuckled and said something about them not accepting him because of his past with drugs, etc.

He continued and told me he was in the strip club business; I had already sensed he was local law enforcement.

I replied do you know Michael Peters and he had no idea who I was talking about and seemed stumped. Anyone working the strip club business would know who Michael Peters is. Michael was made even more famous by the mention of him in Nikki Sixx’s book.

He managed to wander off and after he left a couple girls came up to me and told me he was with LVMPD (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department). They told me stories of him shaking down dancers for money and sexual favors in exchange for not being arrested.

Another dancer who I had known for years told me the same but also mentioned his family owned a pizza business in Henderson, NV.

After the initial meeting he would regularly show up with this partner who was a tall bald guy. The one thing that I noticed about him was he appeared to be an over the top drinker.

Him consistently showing up when I was out for drinks felt intimidating and when I happened to run into the club manager Gino LoPinto at another event I told him about this.

He explained to me that he takes care of the LVMPD officers and they are not supposed to be harassing his customers. After this had gone on for about a year I followed up with a call to internal affairs, an LVMPD watch commander and a letter to Sheriff Doug Gillespie.

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