Bending Reality TV The Zohar and Attempted Murder in North Las Vegas
By: Michael Stephens
Published: July 05, 2021

Last night my neighbor's tried to burn down our house with shooting explosives. For hours my mother and I sat and listened to all the explosions outside. Since I was working on our AC I didn’t have time to deal with much else. When I did look at our security cameras I saw explosion after explosion shoot up into the sky from in front of our house. Since we live in a residential neighborhood and I am probably one of the most surveilled people in the world I assumed it would eventually stop.

All the agencies that monitor, North Las Vegas PD, LVMPD, FBI, CIA, Nevada State Agencies, Pentagon, Nellis Air Force Base and the Nevada Threat Fusion Center let it go on into the early hours of July 5th. Hours and hours of explosives being shot at home by a government sponsored terrorist and he is walking around today as though he didn’t try to burn down our home in the middle of a Las Vegas neighborhood with 2 people inside. That is attempted arson and attempted murder.

Today when I walked outside I found our patio awning had a hole burnt in it and the amount of remnant explosive devices all over the front of house, driveway, walkway, side of our house, backyard, and around our pool was extraordinary.

I was amazed to see burnt explosives right next to things you would think would have burnt. What was done was so criminally outrageous I demand that all involved in our attempted murder, including government handlers and accessories after the fact be arrested and given maximum sentences.

I thank God and the legend of the ZOHAR for keeping us safe last night.

Series > Bloodthirsty Vegas

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