Bending Reality TV Governor Sisolak and the CIA
Murder or Attempted Murder in Nevada?

By: Michael Stephens
April 30, 2021

DISCLAIMER: This article based on my opinion and observations and it is no way to be construed as advice or a medical opinion. If you see me out without a respirator it is only because I feel the air is clean or I am afraid people will continue to make fun of me for wearing a respirator or gas mask. Besides President Trump’s admission that Covid is airborne I am still very concerned with nano particulates and other toxic substances that are being sprayed in the sky. I gave my uncensored story about what God told me is happening in the air and my thoughts on it on one of Celeste Solum’s group calls several months ago.

Murder or Attempted Murder in Nevada?

Before and for a little after the CIA moved into my neighborhood things seemed sort of normal. I told a family member when they moved in they weren’t civilians. I was later proven right after my neighbor identified herself.

Not long after she moved in all of sudden my TV started operating on its own. It’s AS IF someone was able to access it without my only remote.

Moving forward its getting stranger, someone that has the power at a high level randomly flashes our electricity off and on. They do it just for a second at a time. Normally I wouldn’t think much of it but it is always at certain times (they love their supposed number magic).

I’m used to the subtle and sometimes not so subtle intimidation after exposing the LVMPD officer who was following me around at parties. The girls told me he would shake them down for money and sexual favors and I turned him into internal affairs in 2011. And yes there is also the NLVPD. One time when we we’re out gambling I came home I looked at our surveillance footage. I found the North Las Vegas Police were on our property when we are out.

Attempted Murder or Malice?
The electricity keeps going off and on and I am not thinking it is a big deal until later. The electricity does have periods when its stop flashing, for instance when I complain to Governor Sisolak’s office, Nevada Energy, the PUC and/or the Department of Energy.

Its summer of 2020 and a family member is in the hospital. Because they are I start researching their medical equipment. I discover one of the machines is probably damaged. We didn’t know why it had been making a certain noise and after researching it seems like it was in fact, intermittently malfunctioning.

While they are in the hospital I tell them I suspect they reason they started feeling off which led to a subsequent fall is that their oxygen concentrator was damaged from all the times the electricity flashed on and off. That would mean they were breathing in their own carbon dioxide instead of oxygen from their BiPAPP mask.

Now here is the weird part (I know my phone calls are not only monitored by the military, Nevada Threat Fusion Center but dozens of other agencies). Within hours of telling my family member my suspicion how the machine malfunctioned Governor Sisolak makes an order about wearing masks. I’m thinking did this guy just listen to my call and order people to wear masks in order for them to breathe in their own carbon dioxide and cause them harm?

As outlandish as that may seem I have chronicled hundreds of these incidents which were extreme during the Trump presidency and have continued until recently.

If I am correct and all those people are listening to my calls, they are what I believe Rachel Maddow calls Witnesses After the Fact.

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