Bending Reality TV Kerry Cassidy Interviews’ Kim Goguen Part 2
Posted: October 09, 2021

Disclaimer: The posting of this interview is in no way an endorsement of any of the ideas expressed, nor Kerry Cassidy or Kim Goguen. I publicly warned with some detail of several factions trying to overthrow the American Republic on Twitter until my account was suspended.

I was going to post interview 1 under my new section Beyond Bizarre™ because of the nature of the content but decided to go with this interview.

My Questions: 
1) As a private citizen how can the former president(s) employ or contract the US military or any other government agency to do work for them?

2) What are they doing under their employee?

Kerry Cassidy Interviews’ Kim Goguen Part 2 
"The back system is something you are claiming to be in control of?"

"I see people ruining their lives on a promise of always tomorrow"

"The man is lying to the generals"

"Metatron is Q"

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